Tumbling & Stunting


Do YOU want to learn to jump, stunt, flip or twist? We have a program for YOU!


The Tumble & Stunt Institute provides TUMBLING & STUNTING classes for athletes 3-18+ years old from Beginning to Elite levels.


Front Tuck
Coach Craig spotting a Front Tuck for one of his CheerBiz Magazine articles

BEGINNER 1 – No experience necessary.  Working towards Forward Rolls, Backward Rolls, Cartwheels & Round Offs.

BEGINNER 2 – Has a solid Cartwheel & Roundoff.  Working towards Front & Back Walkovers & Front & Back Handsprings.

INTERMEDIATE – Must have a Roundoff Back Handspring on the ground.  Working toward a Back Handspring Series, Front & Back Tucks, and Combination Passes.

ADVANCED – Must have a Roundoff Back Handspring Back Tuck.  Working towards Layouts, Fulls, Front Tumbling & Combination Passes.

ELITE – Must have a full.  Working towards Double Fulls, Arabians & other elite skills and passes.

Front_Aerial_SpotTUMBLING FOR DANCERS – This class is for dancers specifically.  We will focus on Rolls, Cartwheels, Walk-Overs, Aerials & Front Aerials.

BOYS TUMBLING – Is your son not interested in standing in line with girls in pink tutus?  Is he just interested in learning how to flip (aka:  party tricks)?  This class was made for him!  This class is for boys in elementary up until they tell you they want to be in a class with the cute girls.

3 – 5 YEAR OLD – This is a 45 minute class for 3 – 5 year olds.  We will work on basic trampoline skills, tumbling & some cheerleading elements for the girls.


Coach Colin's Rewind to Lib during the Coed Stunt Class
Coach Colin’s Rewind to Lib during the Coed Stunt Class

COED STUNTS – Collegiate level stunting for guys & girls wanting to cheer in college.


FLYER FLEXIBILITY – Intense flexibility training for Flyers.  The focus is on what they will look like in the air.  We use custom designed stunt pedestals.


ffer Classes & Private Clinics for school cheer teams.

DANCE LIFTS & PARTNERING – Whether it’s dance couples or dance crews, we can teach you stunts & partnering.


Stunt Camp in Washington, MO
Stunt Camp in Washington, MO



YEP! There’s a class for EVERYONE!


Middle School Stunt Clinic
Middle School Stunt Clinic

The TSI facility that is equipped with a 12′ x 60′ Spring Floor, 40′ Tumble Track, Trampoline, & numerous tumbling aids.  On top of that, we have access to Carpet Bonded Flexi Floor, Basketball Courts & Astro Turf to help you prepare for school cheer, tryouts, and much more!  Athletes can learn skills SAFELY and with proper technique leading to greater CONFIDENCE and SUCCESS!


Our staff is more than qualified!  they are trained instructors with years of experience in many different disciplines that makes us very versatile, and are also excellent role models for young children and teens.  You will develop tumbling & stunting skills, and become a part of the TSI Family!


Coach Cameron teaching tumbling in England.
Coach Cameron teaching tumbling in England.

ALL tumbling classes are structured by ability. This means that YOU progress at your own pace and level. Coaches can give focused instruction and athletes can feel comfortable as they progress properly in an enthusiastic, safe and positive atmosphere!


Athletes condition in all classes developing the strength to execute skills properly. They participate in one on one instruction as well as supervised performance of drills/stations to correct body positions and technique. All tumbling classes are a no more than 8 to 1 athlete to coach ratio.  All of this allows for the BEST possible instruction!


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We know that once you experience the Tumble & Stunt Institute you will find a place to call your 2nd home!