“Put Your Daughter On A Pedestal”

PurplePedestalIf your daughter is a flyer, wants to be a flyer, or you are a gym owner wanting 20131202_210619-1to give your flyer’s
the best training, I recommend the Twist & Stunt pedestal!  Currently, the best ones out there are $250 – $500!  I’ve tried some of them and tested them side by side with my handmade Twist & Stunt Pedestal and the kids and I liked mine better!

*  It’s the proper height for a load in

*  Stable

*  Has a twisting attachment for twisting drills, up or down

*  Perfect height for a coach to spot and stretch the flyer


*  $97 plus tax if you pick up at TSI in Frisco, TX

*  $30 Shipping

To purchase the Twist & Stunt Pedestal, click here!