They say everything happens for a reason – sometimes that reason is hard to comprehend and sometimes that reason reveals itself in the coolest of ways. I knew Craig and his Crew at The Tumble and Stunt Institute were great coaches, and all-around good folks. My daughter had gone to see Craig off and on for years to help with her tumbling. She had a few “mental blocks” due to some pretty rough experiences with coaches at other gyms. TSI had helped her get over those issues. As a result, she progressed with her tumbling skills and her overall confidence in her cheering ability. My husband and I were so grateful for that! We thought that would be the extent of our involvement with Craig Callaway and his awesome team. Boy, were we wrong!

About two years ago, my son suffered an injury in football and was saddened to be told by the doctors that he should not play football anymore. All of a sudden, we had this mopey 16 year old hanging out with us after school while all his buddies were still at practice. So, we did what any parents would do… We hauled him along to his sister’s tumbling practice.

The first day he came into the Tumble and Stunt Institute really did change the course of my son’s future. No exaggeration. No lie. Craig saw him sitting on the bench like a bump on a log and asked him to come help with spotting a stunt group. My kiddo was hooked! He started training with Craig, right then and there. Within months, he was coaching and getting onto a level 4 competitive team. He came home excited from every practice/work session, telling us about all the things he was learning from Craig, Collin, Jeff, and Craig. Not everything he was learning was tumble/cheer related. He told us that: “I’ve never had coaches before, in all of my sports playing days, that have taught me so much.” He went on the say that he respected all of them not only as coaches, but as men – the kind he wanted to grow up and be like. My husband is a great guy and a great dad, and my son has always had him as a role model. But it is incredible to hear your child talk about other adults who exhibit behavior that they want to model.

When I said I knew the guys at TSI were good guys, I meant it. I also need to say that they are INCREDIBLE mentors and role models. The life lessons my boy has learned from all of these wonderful coaches have shaped what he wants to do with his life. Two years ago we had NO IDEA my son would have all of these possibilities for being a college athlete. He was a good football player, but he is an AMAZING cheerleader. Two years ago we had NO IDEA that my son would have a love for coaching and be excited and honored for the opportunities to coach and mentor other kids. Two years ago we knew the TSI was a great place for our daughter to learn how to overcome her tumbling fears. But, we had NO IDEA they could take a boy who had only played football since he was 5 and turn him into a flipping, girl tossing, stunt beast – and in the process open all types of doors for him! Two years ago we had NO IDEA how much of a positive impact Craig Callaway and his incredible program would have on our kids’ lives, but now we do. We want to share our story with you, and say THANK YOU to Craig and Crew. From the very bottom of our hearts—you guys were MEANT to do what you do! Jason and Liz