With the Corona Virus Pandemic going on, a lot of you had your cheer tryouts postponed indefinitely. Gyms were shut down, and your skills are getting out of practice. Prosper ISD has announced that they are having a virtual Live Tryout on April 18th. There has been nothing announced from Frisco ISD as of yet.  With that being said, let’s talk about the Cheer Tryout Score Sheet!


30 Points at Frisco ISD

A Cheer is roughly 4 to 8 8 counts long. It will most likely involve working the crowd (aka: getting them to yell with you).  Some schools may incorporate a jump or a standing tumbling skill in the cheer. The main skills that you will be judged on are:

  • MOTION TECHNIQUE – hand and arm placement. How well do you follow the choreographed motions properly.
  • VOICE – How loud and understandable you are.
  • CROWD LEADERSHIP – Getting the crowd to join in. “Yell with us,” “Let’s hear it,” “Yell it,” “Louder,” etc.
  • SPIRIT – Working the crowd before and after you perform.  When the buzzer goes off at a basketball game, the cheerleaders don’t walk onto the floor. They tumble, skip, sashay, and energetically get out on the floor and into their position. You need to do the same! When you finish a routine, you don’t just stand there; you work the crowd and rally!
  • ENTHUSIASM – How energetic you are throughout the entire tryout process, plain and simple.


25 Points at Frisco ISD

  • A routine choreographed to 4 – 8 8 counts of music. Don’t just go through the motions. You have to perform it! Pay attention to your facial expression. The same smile the whole dance will turn into a creepy smile. Change up your facial expressions, but don’t get crazy!  If there are words in the music, says some of the words on occasion. Smile with your teeth showing, or without.


20 Points at Frisco ISD

  • A chant is basically one 8 count long and repeats. The object is to get the crowd to follow along and say the words with you. You can do this by saying in between each 8 count; “Yell with us,” “Let’s hear it,” “Yell it,” “Louder,” etc., just like in the cheer if there is crowd interaction.  Make sure to perform to the imaginary crowd, and not just the judges.


15 Points at Frisco ISD (5 points each)

  • Typically, you will perform 3 jumps. It could be a Toe Touch, Herkie, Hurdler, or Pike.  Yes, all-star cheerleaders only do three jumps, but yes, there are more!  A Herkie was named after L. R. Herkimer (aka: “Herkie”), and you might get bonus points for doing a traditional Herkie!  Another not so common jump anymore is the Double Nine, which is a Pike variation. Jump / Tumble combinations may by an option to show off your skills.


10 Points at Frisco ISD

  • Tumbling is usually performed at the beginning of your tryout.  I’m assuming that most schools would provide a “dead mat” for tryouts, but with the virtual tryouts being the most likely option, you may have to perform in your yard! 


  • POSTURE  -Stand up straight, with your chin up, and your chest out (like you took a deep breath, aka: swell up with pride) 
  • CONFIDENCE – Get out there like you own the place! The most confident cheerleader wins! If you mess up, then own it and make it look like it’s the other girl’s that are making a mistake!
  • EYE CONTACT – This is like a job interview.  People don’t trust someone that doesn’t make eye contact.   This goes with confidence.
  • SMILE – Be cute!  Be pleasant and fun to watch! 

When your time comes to try out, make sure you have the whole score sheet covered!  We end up stressing out over the tumbling, which is the lowest scoring category at tryouts!  Make sure you focus on the more important categories; Cheer, Chant & Dance.

If you are looking for help on your upcoming cheer tryouts, feel free to reach out to us at the Tumble and Stunt Institute! 

Craig Callaway