Ok Cheerleaders, it’s go time!!!

Frisco videos due Wednesday the 15th at noon

Prosper live virtual tryouts Saturday the 18th.

This is going to be fun to say the least!

I would offer my gym for the video of tumbling, but Frisco is not allowing anyone to tumble in a gym.  Heck, I was contemplating throwing a mat out in the parking lot and they shot that idea down also.  Prosper cheerleaders?  If it’s an option give me a shout!

Here are my thoughts and tips:

VIDEO – use the best and newest phone to shoot your video, and shoot it with the screen horizontal.

If you are outdoors, don’t shoot with the sun in your eyes or behind you.

Indoors and outdoors, find a background with as little distractions behind you.

Get the camera as close as possible to you without cutting any hands or feet out of the shot.

Prosper kids – if you are outdoors when you shoot your tryout, turn off your wireless and use cellular data.  You might want to do a test run before your tryouts to make sure there is no lag in your video.  I forsee issues with the live tryouts.  Make sure it’s not you!

Frisco kids – Have you ever uploaded video to YouTube?  You may want to test it out before crunch time.

TUMBLING – if it’s beautiful outside and the grass is not wet, then get out there and shoot your tumbling and spirit video!  Frisco tumbling is now only worth 5 points and spiriting has the same value.  Make good use of your 20 seconds!

QUIT STRESSING OUT OVER YOUR TUMBLING!!!  It’s not worth that much!!!


If you wear a baggy t-shirt, I will find you and I will smack you in the back of the neck!!!

Lighting – Make sure the light doesn’t wash you out.  That means that you don’t want it to make you look pasty and white like your t-shirt.


You can’t perform if you still don’t know the material.  Learn it!  Know it!!  Dream about it!!!

Stop doing it over and over again at top speed and slow down for the details.  Look at footwork and specific hand and arm placement.


Privates with Coach Craig.  Anyone who has reached out to me has been taken care of.  If I didn’t get back to you, I apologize!  I’m being bombarded with texts and emails, and just trying to keep up.  If you would like one, feel free to reach out to me for a time slot.

JACKIE BOB is doing Live Video Privates and group privates!  You can reach her at:


Coach Morgan is doing Live Video Privates!  You can reach her at:  morganriley2001@icloud.com

We also have some Zoom Classes that you can schedule online!


Coach Craig