Private Tumbling Coach

Private Tumbling Coach in Frisco, TX

At the Tumble & Stunt Institute, we are passionate about providing great experiences for students and families. We deliver superior tumbling training and have the utmost fun doing it. Our goal is to create a safe training environment for children to learn and grow in their tumbling skills. 


Our passion for tumbling stems from our training experiences that have spanned across almost four decades. Over this period, we have seen parents waste their hard earn cash towards private lessons without getting much in return. This comes from a lack of transparency from the eductor to the student and parent. At Tumble and Stunt, we are upfront with each of our tumblers and make sure collectively between us and the parents, we are all on the same page and pulling in the same direction. This type of communication and transparency makes all the difference and makes private lessons a sure-fire method for tumbling success. 

Private Tumbling Lessons, Not Lesson 

One of the most common mistakes we have seen in coaching private lessons is a lack of communication on the amount of time it takes for the student to reach its full tumbling potential. Parents should know private tumbling lessons are a great investment in their children’s future. But that’s just what it is, an investment. It’s not a one-time payment or fee. If it was, everyone would be able to tumble. The point is this. It takes time for a student to tumble, some more than others.  

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The great thing about private lessons is that the student gets vital one-one-one training that expedites the tumbling process. By getting twice the amount of reps that a student normally gets in a tumbling class, the learning curve shrinks. Not only do students get a higher quantity of reps in private lessons, but they also receive more quality reps because of the one-on-one training structure.


Our Passion Is To See Students Succeed 

As tumbling coaches, we truly love seeing our students accomplish their tumbling goals. Nothing else brings us more joy. As a tumbling family, private lessons go a long way in making sure each student succeeds in their over tumbling goals. As coaches, we pride ourselves in creating a consistent tumbling environment for your child to thrive in!