When you’re kid is in her head and struggling!!! Best Coach EVER!!! If you need tumbling of any kind, go to Tumble and Stunt Institute!!! Coach Craig Callaway…has known Brooke since she was 6!!!

She came in the gym with the weight of the world on her…threw some junk tumbling… I had a 30 sec Convo with him about what was in her head… he said “I’ll talk to her”… 5 min later… 100% turn around!!! Weight lifted.. back to being Brooke!

He is amazing!!! He treats them all like they’re his kids… but since they’re not they listen to him! He lites a fire under it when they need it, kicks their butts when they need it… makes them laugh at themselves when they need it… calls them out when they need it… but bottom line they ALWAYS know they are loved and can come to him with anything and he will not only “listen” but he “see’s them and hears them.”