Craig has been coaching for over 39 years and judging for over 25 on the National level.  He has taught throughout the US, Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain & Taiwan.  You can read the rest of his bio on the About Us tab here.


Coach Allyn graduated from Plano Senior High, and has always had a passion for dancing, tumbling, tricking and parkour. He came to TSI looking for a place to train, and has become part of the family!

Unlike the rest of the TSI staff, Coach Allyn didn’t come from a cheerleading or gymnastics background. His unique abilities and experience in martial arts and dance bring the elements of tricking and parkour to the table.

Coach Allyn eventually got sucked into the cheer industry, so I took him to TVCC and introduced him to Coach Vontae and Coach Franklin. He tried out and made the team!